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Magic Valley Growers, Ltd. is the nation’s leading producer of pearl onions and Dutch Boiler onions. The Magic Valley region of southern Idaho has rich volcanic soils, abundant sunshine, and warm days and cool nights. The company’s founders believe that this area of North America is unique in its ability to produce the highest quality pearl and boiler onions.

Our specialty onions are a versatile ingredient for elegant dishes and hearty meals. Gourmet cooks say that baby vegetables such as pearl and boiler onions require less cooking, have a refined flavor, and retain more nutrients and health benefits than full-size vegetables.

Please note that Magic Valley Growers, Ltd. does not sell retail. Our products can be found in your local supermarket. This site is for informational purposes only.

Primus Certified

These growing
  conditions are ideal
  for producing delicate,
  pure white onion.

Pearl Onions
Our most delicate and smallest onion

Boiler Onions
A larger onion perfect for any occasion

A mild tasting variation of the classic onion

An Italian pearl onion that, when cooked, is mild and sweet

Onion Sets
Small onion bulbs for home gardeners

About The Onion
A short, comprehensive history of the onion

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