About Magic Valley Growers

Magic Valley Growers, Ltd. is the nation’s leading producer of pearl onions and Dutch Boiler® onions. The Magic Valley region of southern Idaho has rich volcanic soils, abundant sunshine, and warm days and cool nights. The company’s founders believed that this area of North America is unique in its ability to produce the highest quality pearl and boiler onions.

With the success of our pearl and Dutch Boiler® onions, we decided to try growing an unusual looking, saucer-shaped Italian pearl onion called cipolline. This is a delightful specialty onion that fit right into our little family. Our cipolline range from 1” to 3” in diameter. Although the taste of a raw cipolline is a little strong, a cooked cipolline is amazingly mild and sweet. Cipolline are available year-round in many supermarkets.

As cooking shows grew more popular, everyone wanted to know more about shallots. They’re not onions, they’re not garlic, but Mother Nature gave shallots characteristics of both. Shallots are actually their own unique vegetable. They grow in clusters like garlic, where a mother-bulb is surrounded by several separate bulbs. Shallots have a tapered shape and a deep coppery skin, which clearly differentiates them from onions. Shallots have a mild and rich taste that combines the flavor of a mild onion with a touch of garlic… And what could be better than that?

Potatoes… this is Idaho after all, how could we not grow potatoes? But since we like petite, delicate, and unusual vegetables, the choice was clear to grow baby potatoes. Our Dutch Yellow® and Ruby Gold® potatoes are very special indeed, and we have an exclusive partnership with Melissa’s / World Variety Produce. The flesh of our Dutch Yellow® and Ruby Gold® potatoes is so rich-looking and has such a fine, smooth texture… they’re unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. And the color is so yellow that your mashed potatoes will look like you put a pound of butter in them. They have very thin skins, so you don’t even need to peel our baby potatoes. Use them in your favorite potato salad recipe or simply roast them in the oven with a little olive oil, add some salt and pepper… Yum!

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